Top Gear – 23/04/2017

Top Gear

Top Gear – 23/04/2017

Series 24 Episode 7

This was the last episode of the present Top Gear series and I think they dffently left the best to the last!!!!

Porsche 718

We start off with a £50k Porsche which Chris Harris gets to chuck around the track. We get the usual tricks including smoking tyres, Rod Stuart jokes etc. However, Harris was not happy with the car as it does not sound like a real sports car and it has very low Co2 emissions. So what other £50k sports car should we pick? The truthful answer is the Porsche 718 is still the best of the bunch.

The Guest

JK makes a return and right away you are reminded well at least I was of the famous Jodi did it quicker picture. He is there to plug his new album which is apparently No.1 Worldwide. We get to see some of the practice runs and JK is really on a mission as he flings the car around the track and then spins off big time. JK posts a time of 1:36.1 which is fast enough to go second. We also learn some trivia about his most famous video.

Russian Beast

Matt gets to play with his final toy of the series and it is a eight wheeled beast from Russia. However, this massive vehicle will only set you back £88k a bargain in any language. We learn all the important fact like it’s top speed is 45 MPH. It can pull a tractor from a ditch. It can rescue naked ramblers from the top of a hill and pull a little boy from a well.

There was a interview with Bernie Ecclestone by Eddie Jordan and that is as much as we need to say about that.

Luxury Yacht

Rory introduces us to the Ssang Yong Rodius and we have to agree it is a very ugly car. Rory drags Matt to Southampton and gives us a history lesson on the Rodius. Turns out this car has been designed by a yacht designer which is obvious when pointed out.

Rory explains that he wants to turn this car into what it was designed for, a luxury yacht. Matt is happy to help and they get to work. This is where the new Top Gear outshine the old one. They took this task semi serious and actually produce a half decent looking boat that does not sink. It only took three months.

Eddie Jordan was employed to review the Yacht and in typical Top Gear fashion slates their work. However, I have to say it was some what harsh for what the guys were able to produce from a terrible car.

The Boring Stuff

This was the last in the present series of Top Gear, this episode will be available in the BBC iplayer.

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