Power Rangers Movie Review

Power Rangers Movie Review

Power Rangers

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Just Normal Kids

I sat down to watch this movie hoping it would bring back memories of my childhood. I hoped for a movie that was similar in style to the first TMNT movie. That hope was very verey short lived.

The movie starts out with students pulling a prank involving a cow which goes somewhat wrong. The star football player get hurt in the resulting car chase.  To compound his injury he is also handed out the very harsh sentence by the school of detention.  I bet that will teach him to think twice before acting again.

Whilst in detention we first get a view of the new Power Rangers and in particular the fearless leader the Red Ranger (Jason). In detention Jason stands up for the soon to be Blue Ranger (Billy – solid name) against a bully. We also meet the Pink Ranger (Kimberly) when she pops to the bathroom to have a casual chat with her friends. She finds out that they now hate her (teenage girls hey!!!) following a very cruel act she set in motion. Kimberly then picks up a pair of scissors left behind by her now ex-friends  and chops some of her flowing locks. I have to admit I have never seen hair look so good after being butchered in a bathroom. Kimberly should really consider a career in hair when she is too old to be a Power Ranger in a few years.

As they leave detention Billy invites Jason to his house as he needs another favour. However, Jason has to decline due to the new ankle jewellery he has got due to his cow prank. Billy lets Jason know he can fool the system, and our Jason is too much of wild guy to turn this offer down.

 Not so much Normal Kids

Billy and Jason now drive in Billy’s Moms (or in Ireland Aul Doll’s) car into the wilderness. As fate would have it all the other Rangers to be are also there. We are introduced to the Black Ranger (Zack) and the Yellow Ranger (Trini). Now if memory serves me right, and I was a big Power Rangers fan in my youth but I thought the original five had a Green Ranger?????

Billy goes rouge and blows up have of the mountain they are messing around on. The explosion uncovers 5 coloured stone and all five of them take one each. However, this actions has caused Rita to awaken from her peaceful slumber deep down in the ocean. Rita hikes a lift back to the mainland by a passing fishing boat. The security guards on the mountain are altered to the presence of out 5 Rangers. The five of them make a run for it.

Billy and Jason, make it to the car and speed off avoiding security at the same time as picking up the two ladies without even stopping. Zack them appear out of nowhere on the roof of the car before being pulled inside by Jason. Billy puts the petal to the metal and tries to beat a train over a level crossing, his timing or driving could have been a little better.

Next thing we see Jason waking up in his bed not remembering what happened the night before (I know this feeling but suspect for different reasons). He looks at himself in the mirror, his injury is all healed and he is shredded with a tight looking 6 pack. He runs to the bathroom to get sick and finds out he is super strong to go with being super ripped.

Becoming Rangers

As you or I would do after finding out you have some sort of super powers Jason goes to school to find the other, but they also can’t remember what happened the night before. They decide to go back to where they found the rocks and try out their new skills. Billy the big baby cries over a little jump and ends up falling into a deep pool. The other follow Billy into the pool and hey try swimming to the bottom only to find the water is held in place by some gel. They mange to push their way through and we get our first sight of Alpha 5 and Zordon. The next hour or so is spent watching the five trying to transform very boring, but finally they mange it.

Fast forward through the boring stuff before the end where Rita has conjured a solid Gold creature. This Large monster is hell bent on destroying the town just to get a donut from a well known  brand. The Power Ranger try to beat this thing on their own but have to transform into one large Power Ranger to fight it. In the end they win the day. The End.

This for me was a really poor movie which intended on laying the foundation for more movies to come. However, on the evidence of this movie no other should be made ever more again. Some older TV programmes work today as a feature film this was not one of them.

The Boring Stuff

If you really have nothing better to be doing this movie is still available at the Cinema.

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