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Top Gear 26/03/17 Bugatti Chiron

Top Gear Season 24 Episode 4 Tonight we are introduced to the Bugatti Chiron. Chris Harris is given the pleasure of test driving this car and as you would expect his first task is to see how fast this thing […]

John Wick Chapter 2

The movie starts with John just popping out to pick up his car from when it was stolen in the first film. This involves a car and motorbike chase, lots of shooting and killing bad guys, and finally talking to […]

Billions – S2, E5 – Currency

  Axe is facing a troubling quarter when the actions of just one guy threatens to derail his numbers, this cannot happen and Axe is forced to play a high risk manoeuvre in the hope it pays out big. Chuck […]


  I sat down to watch this film not really knowing what it was about and I found my self drawn in by the story line (I did a google search after the film was over to see if it […]