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Kong Skull Island Review

Kong Skull Island Movie Review Our Movie Review The Old Story This story has had a few versions over the years. I think we are all pretty familiar with the basic story line. Soldiers and a very good looking lady make […]

Designated Survivor Episode Review

Designated Survivor Episode Review One Hundred Days This weeks Desgnated Survivor episode review starts with President Kirkman asking the American public to move forward from the events of the past few weeks and to reset the clock by starting his […]

Power Rangers Movie Review

Power Rangers Our Movie Review Just Normal Kids I sat down to watch this movie hoping it would bring back memories of my childhood. I hoped for a movie that was similar in style to the first TMNT movie. That […]

Top Gear Review – 02/04/2017

Top Gear Review Series 24  Episode 5 – 02/04/2017 This Top Gear review is form Devon and not from an American. The episode starts with an American, testing an American supercar in America. Therefore a typical American appraisal of the car […]

Line of Duty Episode Review

Line of Duty Series 4 Episode 1 The new Line of Duty kicked off with the abduction of a young lady who is first knocked down and then forced into a car. Although still alive and badly shaken she manages to jump […]

Billions – S2, E6 – Indian Four

Billions Season 2 – Episode 6 Indian Four This week we got an episode in which Chuck had the better luck, he seems that he is well versed in playing games and in just one episode has pretty much turned […]