Line of Duty

Line of Duty

Line of Duty

Episode Review

On the Back Foot

Is this the end for AC-12, will there be no more line of duty? Steve is working hard on his recovery and learning to walk again after his accident.

There is a major development in the balaclava man case when more body parts are found. How could this be a new victim when Michael Farmer is behind bars for these murders?

Steve returns to work for AC-12 and looks like Professor X in his wheelchair, this breaths fresh life into the department. Upon his return it transpires that Mr Huntley lied about his whereabouts on the night of one of the murders.

Inside Trading

AC-12 has been rocked by the knowledge of inside trading of information on the team.

Roz get a call regarding the results of the infection on her arm but she is too head strong to do anything about it. It could not be as serious as getting caught in corruption.

The DNA results come back of the new victim and it turns out it is not a new victim, but just more body parts of a previous one. These have been frozen and now just discarded for the public to find. But further investigation conclude that these body parts have been wrapped in newspaper dated March 2017, while Michael Farmer has been in prison. Roz decides to keep that info to herself and not share with the team.

AC-12 hear on the grape vine that Michael is going to change his plea to guilty. They get a message to him via his granny not to do this, and only plea guilty if he is so.

While looking deeper in Mr Huntley they discover a link between him and Michael. It turns out that both shared the same solicitor Lakewell.

No Happy Ending

Roz discovers that AC-12 have got this new link and she rings her want to be lover for some help. He does not answer as he is in a back alley getting more inside info on the AC-12 team. This information was stolen using Jamie not James ID.

Mr Huntley has a very private chat with his solicitor about the actions of his wife. He is very concerned about the wound on her arm and has valid reason to question her involvement in Tim’s murder.

Hastings and Jamie not James get into it about stolen documents and Jamie storms out. AC-12 get an lucky break when some evidence leads them back to an old unsolved case from series 1. They use this break to push forward with their investigations.

Bye Bye Hand

Roz is really struggling with her wound and when trying to clean it she takes a funny turn. She knocks her self out in the bathroom due to her wound. Her husband rushes her to hospital. When she comes around she is somewhat less of a woman before she collapsed. Turns out her wound has been infected by MRSA!!!!!

Ever the strong headed lady Roz discharges herself from hospital, her ever loyal lap dog is there to help her and whisper more one sided info her ear. Roz’s husband and AC-12 try to chase her down. Mr Huntley catches up with her at home first and after a few chosen words she arrests him for the murder of Tim. Mr Huntley is dragged into a paddy wagon just before AC-12 arrives on the scene.

Roz plants more evidence on her husband before joining the rest of them at the station.

The fight back

AC-12 try very hard to fight back however, they are knocked out of the park when Hastings is confronted with the stolen info from his teams files. This information implies that much more senior ranking officers are involved in corruption possibly even Hastings himself. Due to this Hastings is sent packing with his tail between his legs.

Finally, Mr Huntley starts to talk and with we get the feeling this is going to hurt Roz more than she thinks.

We are very excited about the concluding episode next Sunday.

The Boring Stuff

The line of Duty can been viewed on BBC 1 on a Sunday evening, but you better get caught up quick as the last episode of this series of Line of Duty airs this Sunday.

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    • Thank you very much, we love giving our opinion!!! See you next week for the final review of the series darling!!(my best inner Hastings and Northern Irish Accent).

  1. A pity I didn’t discover you sooner as parts are SO baffling. I record each one and take another look a couple of days later !!

    • Lol, we have to watch it a few times also to pick up all the little things that happen. We are convinced maneet’s baby has a part to play tonight!!!

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