Line of Duty

Line of Duty

Line of Duty – The Series 4 Finale

Episode Review

The Finale

The season finale of Line of Duty starts with Nick being put squarely in the frame as Roz has done a good job framing him. Nick’s lawyer plays hard ball and gets murder squad to take charge with AC-9 (Jamie not James over looking). Murder squad start to interview Nick about Tim’s Iflield’s murder. Nick is adamant that Roz was involved in Tim’s murder. AC-12 try to patch things up with AC-9 but Kate just manages to anger them more, however, AC-12 see the footage of Nick’s interviews. This allows AC-12 to put a theory in place to check out. (10 mins in and we still have no clues what happens.)


Trail gone cold

Just as AC-12 thinks the trail has gone cold Steve comes up with another theory about how Roz tries to get away with Tim’s murder. This kicks the team into a search of what both Nick and Roz did after the murder to find more clues.

Hilton and Roz have a cosy chat and he suggests the only way out for Roz is to resign, but she claims she in not a bent copper. Hilton drops the bombshell that AC-12 have a connections between Roz and Michael Farmer the guy she put down for Balaclava Man.

Line of Duty


Hasting and Kate go through more footage for Nick’s interview and Hasting uncovers a finite detail about when Roz first starts to wear a plaster on her arm. turns out it was the day after Tim’s Murder. Kate is rushed off to the hospital to recover the arm but it has been destroyed. However, her visit is not a waste of time as she uncovers that MRSA lives usually in the nose and this giver her the lightbulb moment we have been waiting for. (15 minutes in and still no real action to uncover Balaclava Man.)

Brown Nosing 

Our favourite police office DC Brown nose Jodie invites Roz (sorry Ma’mm) out for coffee and true to form has some information. Jodie drops tells Roz that Lakewell was Farmers solicitor which rocks Roz to her core. Roz then puts Jodie to work doing some more brown nosing for a treat good girl.

Hastings catches up with Steve on the progress of there hunch but Roz is too smart for the cameras. then out of no where Hastings delivers the line of the episode referring to Ropz as “the wee witch”.

Line of Duty

(Image: of duty-ted-hastings-corrupt-series-four-final)

Jodie delivers again and informs Roz that AC-12 get access to Tim’s Flat again. Hastings and Kate walk through the scene and come up with a tighter time line. (20 mins in and the net is getting tighter around Roz.) Roz really heaps the pressure on her husband and tells murder squad about the jumper that she planted evidence on. This is her final trow of the dice.

Closer but not there yet

Kate and Steve talk to Hastings about the new evidence against Roz and in particular the findings of the MRSA. Hastings takes a call about the jumper with the evidence. Nick requests through his Lawyer that AC-12 be on the case. Now we get the feeling that things are moving in the right direction. When murder squad ask Lakewell if they could do anything more this is his chance to get AC-12 on board but just says no Ta.

Kate brings the results of CCTV findings to Hastings and they figure out a tighter window to figure out Roz’s movements. AC-12 finds Roz’s car but it is bad news there are no camera’s to where she is going and with no evidence they can’t prove it was her. AC-12 call it a night.

As Ac-12 are leaving the building when Steve has a brainwave, regarding travel time and about Roz previously searching for evidence.

Jodie helps Roz and her children move home and at the same time gives the telephone communications on her husband around the time of Steve’s attack. This information right now seems un-important.

AC-12 find a case which Roz found evidence in a remote location, when AC-9 and Hilton rock up to take over, but Hastings stands strong and fights back. Suddenly they get break they were looking for. Hilton threatens Hastings before running off looking very worried.

Connecting the Dots. 

Roz looks over the communications on her husband, then a knocks comes to the door. When Roz opens the door it is AC-9 who have come to arrest her, but she will only speak to AC-12. Roz arranges for Lakewell to represent her when being questioned by AC-12.

Ac-12 starts to question Roz evidence then recently found, while AC-9 watch on. Roz just sits there and responds no comment to any questions. The evidence mounts and mounts and mounts she gets one more chance to comment. She finally confesses to accidentally killing Tim and then fully explains what happened. Hastings get the pleasure of charging Roz with the murder.

Roz throws in a twist and it started by the question ” Am I still a police officer” when Hasting replies “yes for the moment”. Roz proceeds to arrest Lakewell for his part in the Balaclava Man. She pulls out the telephone communications connecting Lakewell, to a second phone and third phone. It turns Lakewell set up Farmer not Roz. Then the real juicy part the second burner phone who does it belong too??? Turns out the the number belong to ACC Hilton who gave it to Roz for a cheap sex trill.

The Game is up

Jamie not james jumps into action upon this information.

AC-12 rush to arrest ACC Hilton while Steve has a little chit chat with Roz and Lakewell. Then out of nowhere Jamie not James arrives to take Lakewell into protective custody. Steve checks this with Hasting and is ordered not to let this happen. Jamie not James is on a hurry to leave the floor and Steve lets him know some harsh truths. Jamie pulls a gun and then out of nowhere Balaclava man appears with a hostage in reception. Hasting wastes no time and takes out Balaclava man with one shot James Bond style.

The armed coppers make their way up stairs where Jamie is with a gun pointed at Lakewell. Somehow Steve and Hastings manage to talk him into standing down. Next morning Hilton is found shot dead in what looks like a suicide attempt.

AC-12 survey the endings of the case and close it out. Hastings final act is to order the removal of his face from the suspect board. Before delivering one of his famous lines “is bent coppers not enough for you”?.

This ends what was a very exciting series of Line of duty. But not to worry as rumour has it that line of duty will be back for a 5th series. However we might have to wait for up to 2 years for it to be released.

The Boring Stuff

The line of Duty can been viewed on BBC 1 on a Sunday evening. As this was the last episode in the series it will only be available on BBC iplayer.

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