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Kong Skull Island Movie Review

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The Old Story

This story has had a few versions over the years. I think we are all pretty familiar with the basic story line. Soldiers and a very good looking lady make their way to a far off island and are fronted by Kong himself. Kong develops a soft spot for the lady and tries to save her. They some how manage to capture Kong and bring him to New York to show him off to the world. Kong escapes and goes in search of the lady but ends up in a destruction derby through the city.

A New Twist On An Old Story

It was good to see a fresh approach to this old tale. The movie starts out with two nations at war and pilots crash landing on Kong ‘s Skull Island one from each country. they continue their war an the beach and then into the jungle. The fight is interrupted by the introduction of Kong to the viewers.

Back in Washington many moons later a small group of scientists lead by Bill (John Goodman) get some funding to explore the island before the Russians find out about it. The team also secure a military escort lead by Preston Packard (Samuel L Jackson) to and from the Island. Bill and his band of merry men now need to find a tracker. They manage to secure the services of James Conrad for a very hight fee. Mason Weaver completes the team by pulling all the right strings and get appointed as the photographer for the mission.

The team set sail  for Skull Island with everyone in high spirits, they even have time for mom jokes. The moods quickly dampened when the weather threatens to end the mission before it starts. With the decision on what to do balanced on a knife edge between turning back or carrying on the casting vote is down to Preston. In true Samuel L Jackson style they are going to Skull Island (it would of been a short movie otherwise).

The Search Begins 

The team flies into Skull Island through some horrid weather protecting the Island. In the end they all make it safe. The scientist waste no time in starting to study the Island by dropping bombs and measuring what happens. What happens is something no-one is ready for. Espically one of the helicopters which is taken out by a massive flying tree.

Dropping the bombs has made Kong mad and he is seeking them out. Within a few minutes his giant frame and strength has taken all the helicopters out of the sky like he was swatting pesky flies. After all the crash landings all the survivors find themselves divided into two groups. Amazingly one group is mainly soldiers and the other mainly scientists plus James and Mason. The group of soldiers are hell bent on killing Kong for what he did and the other group just want to go home.

As the scientist march towards the agreed extraction point they are captured by the locals. The local habitants take them back to their Village where they meet up with a long time stranded American pilot Hank. Hank explains that Kong is a good guy and protects the Island against the evil crawler who try to kill everything. The Lizards have been awoken by all the bombing which is why Kong is so angry. However, the biggest baddest crawler is still sleeping. Mason wonders off to take some pictures when she comes across a massive bull with half a helicopter on his head. She somehow thinks she is strong enough to move this helicopter all by herself. The helicopter takes flights as Kong fling it far away and he and Mason come face to face for the first time.

Fight Night

The scientist group decide to repair a boat the Hank has been working on and start to make their way to the extraction point. Along the way they make contact with the soldiers and make their way to their location. In good old fashioned Samuel L Jackson style he is only going to do what he wants to be and if you disagree you might meet your maker. Both groups now go on the hunt for Kong. However, along the way they run into a crawler which they make hard work of killing.

Now the soldiers are ready to take on Kong and set a trap for him using napalm. Kong arrives right on que and walks straight into the trap and gets blown up. This explosion is not enough to stop Kong an he attacks the soldiers again. The explosion was enough to wake the biggest crawler and know Kong has a real opponent to fight.

After a few rounds of Kong and the crawler beating each other the soldiers realise Kong is the good guy. They all try to kill the crawler but he is just to big and strong that is until he gets distracted. Mason fires a flare at the crawler and this allows Kong to use a massive chain to fight him with. Finally, Kong, the scientist and soldiers mange to kill the crawler and they are all friends.

Kong and Mason have a little kiss and he is on his way. All the humans make their way to the extraction point and leave Skull Island. Something tells me that this is a trip they will never forget.

The Boring Stuff

Kong Skull Island is currently in all the major cinemas and it is a easy way to pass a few hours.

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