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Have you ever played that game where you, in blissful ignorance, are trying to get through a maze and suddenly something scary pops up on your screen? Or the one where a little kitten is chasing a thread and – yes you guessed it – something scary pops up on your screen?

If you add a generally eerie atmosphere there’s a comparison to be made with Jordan Peele’s Get Out. Although there’s actually only two or three ‘jumpy’ moments in the film, the cast and crew behind this hyped horror film brilliantly disarm the viewer with truly funny segments before throwing you back into suspense and, on some occasions, horror. And even more impressively, they achieve is although I have knowingly bought a cinema ticket for a horror movie.

To classify this as a horror movie is somewhat misleading though in my opinion. I would rather put it in the ‘psychological thriller’ genre with a bit of both comedy and horror mixed in. Regardless of which genre you classify this movie as, I have to say I think it is one of the best I have seen so far this year.

The story line is centred around a young African-American man, Chris (Daniel Kaluuya), who prepares to visit his girlfriend’s parents for the first time. The young happy couple make the drive to a seemingly idyllic little village where his girlfriend’s parents live. Fairly quickly Chris gets an ominous feeling about the place but he can’t quite put his finger on what it is. As the story develops, Chris realises that the village is not nearly as idyllic as it seemed at first glance nor is its inhabitants as friendly as he would have hoped.

Setting The Mood

The smooth camerawork and unique soundtrack is greatly contributing to the film’s eerie atmosphere which sets the stage for this breath-taking (as in you will be short of breath afterwards) thriller. Since I’ve only heaped on praise so far, I should perhaps highlight at least one weakness as well. The main story line of the movie is fairly predictable and you realise where it is heading pretty quickly. However, this doesn’t bother me too much as it almost helps to build up the suspense and, predictable or not, it still got my heartbeat to liven up.

All in all I think this is a very well made movie and I would recommend anyone to see it regardless of if you are in the mood for horror, thriller or even comedy.

The Boring Stuff

Get Out is currently in all the major cinemas but probably not for much longer. Would recommend to give it a watch in a cinema as the picture and sound system in that type of environment heightens the experience.

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