Designated Survivor The Ninth Seat

Desgnated Survivor

Designated Survivor -The Ninth Seat

Episode Review

Opening Scenes 

This episode of designated survivor starts with what looks like a hostage transportation. However, we quickly learn it is a reporter (Abe) on the chase for a story. He is given what appears very explosive info that makes the hair on the back of his neck stand on edge.

Agent Wells and Jason finds a bunker full of explosives that could blow up most major cities many times over.

In Kirkman ‘s quest to govern he needs to appoint a Supreme Court with nine seats. They are all ready to rock and roll as all nine have been rubbers stamped well that is until Senator Bowman throws a grenade into the works.

The reporter from earlier is back in America and wastes no time is asking Seth for a quote about who actually blow up the Capitol. Seth is stunned and runs away with his tail between his legs.

What a build up before the opening credits.

Sorry For Losing my Temper But I Have Lost My Temper

Kirkman show some presidential back bone and demands that everyone takes notice of what was previously agreed and even goes as far as threatening Bowman by going to the press. He really wants theses nine Judges!!! Kirkman’s new found backbone is short lived as he has to back down to Bowman the big wimp minutes later.

Agent Wells and Jason are in north dokota and they stick out like a sore thump. They meet some non locals and are quickly noted as not being part of the group. Wells has a chin wag with a good old boy and finds out some interesting information. Before leaving town Agent Wells shows off some neat pick pocketing skills.

Freedom of the Press

Kirkman says he can’t stop a reporter from writing a damaging story in his paper as much as he would like to. It looks like the story is safe for  now as the big wigs of the newspaper need more facts before printing.

Kirkman has to go to plan B for his ninth Judge and decides that Trumps style of is the way to go about it. However, his friend has to turn him down as she is ill. She does him a solid though as she find a way of making just eight judges work, everyone agrees and everyone is happy.

No Victory without Sacrifice

Agent Wells and Jason go digging or should that be hunting to see what is going on in the woods of North Dokota. From their hideout cabin Wells chats with her colleagues in Washington and try to hatch a plan. There is no electrical listening devices so her and Jason have to get up close and personal old school style.

Abe issues a warning to Seth to tell the FBI to back off, but Seth is very confused. Abe heads home only to find a package attached to his car. This is followed by a weird phone call from a guy wanting to meet him in one hour. I think there are easier way to date that this these days.

Agent Wells manages to see what these guys are up to but all they are doing is lighting campfires. On second inspection they are not camp fires but a landing zone for a helicopter. Who could be in this helicopter…………. it’s Lozano.

The Boring Stuff

Designated Survivor is only available on Netflix in the UK and a new episode is aired each Thursday.

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