Designated Survivor – Lazarus

Desgnated Survivor

Designated Survivor – Lazarus

Episode Review

Opening Scenes

This episode of Designated Survivor starts when Jason and Wells are somehow spotted in the woods and make a run for it. They make it back to their car only to find out that Jason has been shot. I must admit these bad guys are not very committed as they don’t even bother to drive after Wells and Jason.

Following last weeks episode Abe is left standing out in the cold for 3 hours before he get a call offering him snipits of the truth. After his phone call a random car just drives off letting Abe get the plate number.

Gun Bill

Kirkman and Hookstraten get all the plaudits for getting the new gun bill signed into law. They look very presidential together. Following the bill signing Hookstraten and Kirkman discuss the future and the past when boths were named the Designated Survivor for the seats they sit in today and it is clear the Kirkman wants her as VP and she also wants the role.

Abe finds out that the strange car he spotted the night before belongs to the White House pool.

Bowman is furious over his defeat but this is soon forgotten when he comes into contact with some juicy info. Then as if by magic a story breaks that Hookstraten was on the take when she was a congresswoman and that she abused her position. Aaron goes to have a show down with Bowman and it is like pistols at dawn.


Wells and Jason discuss with Mike about Lozano and they can’t figure out how he is still alive. If he is not dead what body do they have??? Wells decides to do some digging and goes to see the body they have of Lozano, she evens takes her own prints to make sure it was done right. As they are sure Lozano is still alive Mike informs Kirkman who is shocked to hear this news. The FBI figure out that Lozano records have been hacked and altered to fit the dead guy. Who has high enough security clearance to be able to do this kind of thing??

Picture Op

Kirkman and Hookstraten discuss about the story that is everywhere involving her. Both of them are certain that Bowman is behind this story. Things go from bad to worse when then find out she is going to be investigated internally.

Wells meets with Whittaker to track the capture / killing of what they thought is Lozano. Whittaker walk Wells through the steps and stages and it all seems to make sense. Whittaker is very helpful and even hands over a flash drive with all the info they have on it.

Designated Survivor

Kirkman still wants to make Hookstrappen VP and comes up with a plan to help her out. However Seth is finding it difficult to get anyone to put their shoulder to the wheel. Bowman is clearly making a play for the speaker role when he sends a supportive message on Twitter.

Pesky Employees

Aaron has a chat with the press and then comes to see Hookstraten and lets her know that Bowman was not behind this. Hookstraten now things she knows who it could be and summons an ex-employee to see her. A very smug Liam enters the room but the smug look is wiped off his face when Hookstraten takes delight is ruining his plans for the future.

Wells works through the CCTV fottage and figures out how Lozano manages to cheat death. Turns out it was a good old swicharoo. The guy they were chasing initially was never Lozano but a look like. Lozano actually leaves the building the attempted assignation of Kirkman took place 20 hours after the event.

The dead Lozano lead Wells to Patrick Llody. Wells goes to an old friend for some inside info but this is a two way street so she needs to give up some info also. Her source sings like a canary about Lloyd. The FBI feel they should chat with Lloyd and visit his house he offers up a reason why he had so many mines and it seems check out.

Ford must paid a lot of money to get some product placement on the show. If they want to do that kind of think I am happy to accept what ever money they want to give away.

Designated Survivor

The Important Stuff

Wells goes back to the office and tries to figure this together. As she has been working hard she is told to go home. She said she will soon and then gives Jason a call needing his help. Wells finally calls it a day and heads home. Arriving at her motel and to her door she is suspicious and it turns out with every ring as she is knocked out and kidnapped by Lozano.

Abe is meeting his secret source in a dodgy car park who offers some more inside info about the events of Lozano death. Then out of no where we are rocked to our core when we discover that Lozano has a man in the White House and it is …………… Whittaker the scoundrel.

To be fair all the main action in this episode of Designated Survivor happened in the last 10 mins. The other 35 mins really added very little.

The Boring Stuff

Designated Survivor is only available on Netflix in the UK and a new episode is aired each Thursday.

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