Designated Survivor Episode Review

Desgnated Survivor

Designated Survivor Episode Review

One Hundred Days

This weeks Desgnated Survivor episode review starts with President Kirkman asking the American public to move forward from the events of the past few weeks and to reset the clock by starting his first 100 days now.

Agent Wells is still hiding away in dark holes in the hunt of the bad guys. She has a CSI moment when she gets a fingerprint off a wine glass which is in the background of a photograph.

Aaron meets up with his cousin and goes with her to an interview. This seems strange as he is jobless and should be looking for a job for himself.

The First Lady gives a speech  about how men have an easy ride and get paid more for it. She gets a question about gun control and gives an honest answer. This answer gets the administration in a twist as she has taken the limelight and pushed the topic front and centre. Kirkman now has to deal with the issue while the First Lady must retract her statement.

Wells pays a visit to Jason and they have a wee chat about the information that she has gathered. The fingerprint from the glass has provided Wells with lots of information about the ladies past. Wells also knows where she is right now and she is going after her on her own unless Jason wants to help her to track down the lady that killed his son. Upon inspecting a building Agent Wells is caught on camera calling her I.T support guy. The baddies try to take advantage of this by leaving a special surprise at his home for him and Agent Wells.

In President Kirkman we believe

President Kirkmam prepares for his town hall meeting and is told in no uncertain terms his responses would put them to sleep. He needs to change his style of delivery to become more presidential. He is then asked about porn, I’m sure President Trump could help him answer that one!!!. During the meeting Kirkman is asked a question about guns and knocks it out of the park. This response does chances of making his first 100 days no harm.

Later that evening Agent Wells rocks up to a building in her hunt for the bad guys. She is sneaked up from behind by Jason, who has calmed down and is now ready to help her. They break into the building and after a small struggle she finally has the bad guy (lady) she has been tracking. However, before she can question her they have to shoot her dead. Looking around the room they find a pen drive which simulates attacks on some major American landmarks.

Emily is shocked when she bumps into Aaron in the corridors of power. She is completely floored when she finds out he now works for Hookstrap.

Designated Survivor is only available on Netflix in the UK and a new episode is aired each Thursday.

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