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Line of Duty

Line of Duty – The Series 4 Finale Episode Review The Finale The season finale of Line of Duty starts with Nick being put squarely in the frame as Roz has done a good job framing him. Nick’s lawyer plays […]

Designated Survivor – Lazarus

Designated Survivor – Lazarus Episode Review Opening Scenes This episode of Designated Survivor starts when Jason and Wells are somehow spotted in the woods and make a run for it. They make it back to their car only to find […]

Billions – With or Without You

Billions – With or Without You Episode Review You Lied to Me Axe wakes up the morning after the night before to a love note and not the good kind from Lara. His Billions are not much good to him […]

Line of Duty

Line of Duty Episode Review On the Back Foot Is this the end for AC-12, will there be no more line of duty? Steve is working hard on his recovery and learning to walk again after his accident. There is […]

Top Gear – 23/04/2017

Top Gear – 23/04/2017 Series 24 Episode 7 This was the last episode of the present Top Gear series and I think they dffently left the best to the last!!!! Porsche 718 We start off with a £50k Porsche which […]

Designated Survivor The Ninth Seat

Designated Survivor -The Ninth Seat Episode Review Opening Scenes  This episode of designated survivor starts with what looks like a hostage transportation. However, we quickly learn it is a reporter (Abe) on the chase for a story. He is given […]

Designated Survivor Episode Review

Designated Survivor Episode Review One Hundred Days This weeks Desgnated Survivor episode review starts with President Kirkman asking the American public to move forward from the events of the past few weeks and to reset the clock by starting his […]