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Get Out Movie Review

Get Out Our Movie Review Have you ever played that game where you, in blissful ignorance, are trying to get through a maze and suddenly something scary pops up on your screen? Or the one where a little kitten is […]

The Founder Movie Review

The Founder Our Movie Review Brand Creator not The Founder Not knowing the McDonalds origins at all I was very surprised by The Founder. The title is a bit misleading as it is more the brand creator than the Founder. […]

Kong Skull Island Review

Kong Skull Island Movie Review Our Movie Review The Old Story This story┬áhas had a few versions over the years. I think we are all pretty familiar with the basic story line. Soldiers and a very good looking lady make […]

Power Rangers Movie Review

Power Rangers Our Movie Review Just Normal Kids I sat down to watch this movie hoping it would bring back memories of my childhood. I hoped for a movie that was similar in style to the first TMNT movie. That […]

John Wick Chapter 2

The movie starts with John just popping out to pick up his car from when it was stolen in the first film. This involves a car and motorbike chase, lots of shooting and killing bad guys, and finally talking to […]


  I sat down to watch this film not really knowing what it was about and I found my self drawn in by the story line (I did a google search after the film was over to see if it […]