Billions – With or Without You


Billions – With or Without You

Episode Review

You Lied to Me

Axe wakes up the morning after the night before to a love note and not the good kind from Lara. His Billions are not much good to him now. He instantly knows how he has messed up. He needs to find out how much damage has been done and makes a B-line for Wendy. Wendy knows at the end of the conversation that she is in serious hot water.

Chucks favourite playmate outside of Wendy is hard at work and when her domenatrix bum leaves the room, the guy is off in a flash with her personal computer. Has someone found out about Chucks previous visits. This is very unfortunate in terms of timing as Chuck is about to go through some very deep vetting for the political race he has entered.

Coffee Break

Taylor pops in for a coffee and is tapped up by the DA’s office, but they are not smart enough to get him to speak on this occasion. He does however, take their business card. The DA’s office is not unhappy about how the meeting with Taylor went and are somewhat confident he will reach out to them.

Following the first session of the deep vetting Chuck changed some of the facts and upon the second meeting finds out just how good this lady is at her job when she reveals that in fact Chuck was bullied in Boarding school.

Axe is having a bad day when he get a call from Lawrence Boyd to set up a meeting as he has some juicy gossip he wants to share. Axe can’t sit around waiting for Lara to show up so decides to go looking for her but he draws a blank.

New Apartment

Taylor and Mafee go apartment hunting when Mafee asks him to have a look into this Klaxon deal that Axe is interested in. Taylor agrees to help Mafee out when they get back to the office.

Axe rings Lara’s voicemail again and recalls a night they spent together in Paris when both were to lazy to skip to the next song when with or without you got stuck on repeat on their iPod.

Wendy comes to see if she can help Axe and gets chucked out, it would appear she is walking a very tight rope at Axe Capital right now.

It turns out that Chucks knows how to play just as dirty as the next guy, when it is revealed that he was behind the theft of the dominatrix laptop to protect his secret.

After reviewing the Klaxon deal for Mafee, Taylor goes to see Axe and points out exactly what Axe needs to hear. Taylor get an immediate promotion if he signs the paper for Axe. Taylor has mixed emotions about doing this as he knows that Axe know something he should not have.

It is all ok

Wendy tries to help again and this time tracks down Lara and goes to chat to her. Lara may hates her but Wendy seems to work her magic and convince Lara that Axe really needs her.

Axe meets up with Boyd and finds out about the IPO of ice juice. Immediately Axe thinks of several ways to FUBAR Chucks and his dads life.

Chuck and Wendy are meant to go to therapy but instead skip out. They go for dinner together at Wendy’s favourite chefs restaurant.

Taylor meets with the DA but quickly figures out they have got nothing on him. He walks out as quickly as he came in. He goes straight to the office and signs the research paper on Klaxon. Wags delivers this to Axe who is so happy gives Taylor a $500k bonus right there. Boom just like that!!!

What ever Wendy said to Lara seemed to have worked wonders for both ladies. Lara comes home and after dinner Wendy beds Chuck again in there special way.

Taylor is starting to turn into one of the gang as he rents an apartment for $26k an month.

As per this episode of Billions we now end this review in the same way.



The Boring Stuff

Billions is well into its second series and I think one of the best things on TV right now. Billions can be found on Sky Atlantic with a new episode airing each week.

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