Billions – Season 2 – Episode 9 Sic Transit Imperium



Sic Transit Imperium Episode Review

Birthday Boy

The latest episode of Billions starts with Wags and Axe having some VR time. Turns out Wags bought Axe a safe cave for his upcoming birthday in the event of Trump and North Korea actually going to war. it is nice to see what all those Billions can buy you!!!

Chuck is on the manhunt for Axe after there show down at the end of the last episode. During the team meeting Chuck throws in a number of “The Boss” song titles before making his way to Sandicot on a political path to talk to the locals about what Axe has done to the town. He evens throws in a Bobby Kennedy reference for good measure.

Business Ventures

Axe and Wags visit Dollar Bill to watch a kid do some batting practice, Dollar then clears the room and lets Axe know about a sure play that could make them around $100 million in profit. Axe is less than excited about the play after sailing so close to the sun and with Chuck out to get him.

Dollar and Wags get into it but Dollar won’t back down. This leave Waggs wondering about his powers to control the animals in the Axe Capital zoo.

Axe is not the only guy to be offered an inside track. Chucks good friend comes to see him for lend of a few of his daddies pennies. The company is called Ice Juice and is about to go IPO. Chucks turns the offer down as it would not look good.

Party Poopers

For a much loved guy not many people want to attend Axe’s birthday party including himself. Wendy confesses that she had s not sure she made the right decision to return to Axe Capital. But she was never going to know unless she jumped all the way in. Taylor is also looking for a way out and even resorts to swearing, Wags is delighted to hear this four letter word.

Lara rings to convince Wendy to attend the party but end up speaking to Chuck. Chuck in turn persuades Wendy to attend the party.

Axe decides to visit Dollars source on this sure thing and some how starts a new business. Chuck is furious when he finds out the Axe has bought up all his favoured books which he had to pawn. This makes him change his mind on the business deal and agrees to his dad’s proposal.

Axe decides not to attend his party and gives Wags back his present, as he is never gonna use it. This could be a mistake as Lara is furious with him after she little chat with Wendy. I don’t think there would be a safe cave anywhere in the world that is going to protect him when Lara blows up with anger.

The Boring Stuff

Billions is well into its second series and I think one of the best things on TV right now. Billions can be found on Sky Atlantic with a new episode airing each week.

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