Billions – Season 2 Episode 7 – Victory Lap



Victory Lap Episode Review

This episode of Billions as the title suggests is all about Chuck lapping up the glory for the Lawrence Boyd. Chuck is on a days leave and is out playing ball with his son. They are approached by a reporter and a very political picture finds itself in the paper the next day. Wendy is not happy about the way her son was used and her and Chuck fall out, almost ending in divorce.

Axe is beside himself with rage when the casino is moved to another town and is sure he has been done over. He is on a one man witch hunt collecting all the players along the way. Axe pays a visit to all parties concerned to get to the bottom of what has happened. He meets with a official is gives nothing away other than he is just a loyal puppy to his master. If all these is not bad enough Axe’s children learn in a very visual way what having lots of money can get you when the chef tricks a young lady into doing naughty things. Axe summons all the troops to his house for a war meeting only to discover that he has two options either loose close to £500m or make the town payback the money and make close to £100m.

Making the town pay up does not sit right with a lot of the Axe capital team including Wendy, but not Taylor. Taylor really shows his ruthless side in this episode and basically says f**k the town. Taylor points it was their fault for defaulting on the loan in the first place. Axe is pissed at Wendy when one of his best guys quit. Axe is really struggling with decision and seeks the advice of Lara. Lara is equally as ruthless as Taylor and asks who helped her when she was broke. Axe take the hint and comes down on the little town like a sledge hammer on a peanut.

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