Billions – Golden Frog Time – Episode Review


Billions – Golden Frog Time

Episode Review

The Set Up

This episode of Billions was one of the best of the season so far. Wags is very angry that everyone cannot see a downplay on the Ice Juice IPO. The Numbers are solid and so is everything else. Axe can’t attack, there is no way to wreck it. Taylor gives the low down on Rhoades senior and where all his money is tied up. So how did Rhoades senior get the money did the investment come from a personal loan.

Golden Frog Poison

Chucks, Rhodes Senior and Ira are having a pre IPO party. Ira is pretty happy as he is worth on paper at $18 dollars a share $125 Million. Chucks advises him not to get carried away but is is too late as he already has.

Chuck and Wendy end up in bed together again for a booty call.  Wendy asks Chuck to leave before the kids see him, she does not want to give them a false sense of hope.  A remark which will leave a mark on chucks pride. On his way to putting his trousers on Chuck confides in Wendy that he is in ice Juice big time. He has been sure of three things in his life. these being Court, Wendy and now Ice Juice. During judo class with Chuck we get a clue as to what is gonna happen in this hour. it is very subtle but it is a little clue none the less.


Taylor has to shank someone but Axe and Wags wont let Taylor do it via the numbers. That is a cold cold action even for them. Taylor is made to meet with the analysists then shank them. Wags makes them all aware what is coming in his unique way which involves armpits and shit cans.

Chuck is clearly excited about ice Juice when he cuts a meeting about Axe short to check on his share. We all know this feeling when a share starts to rise. Eyes are all on how far this can rise opening bell is $20.

Taylor has a unique meeting technique which only makes sense to Taylor based on 11 categories. I’m glad i was not the only confused person!!!

The DA digs into Axe caps research on Klaxon when they discover Taylor signed the report, and gets moved up the dog chain. Taylor is no longer a bit player he is now a big target.

Taylor is really fighting with his to fire someone and comes to Wendy for help. Wendy turns out to be just as ruthless as Axe and Wags. .We learn why Taylor is fighting this, his dad was fired and home life was bad but the company thrived. Taylor attacks the meetings with a new vigor.

Almost Game Time

Axe is almost ready to do what ever he is planning just as Ice Juice breaks $25. Boyd calls for confirmation of when Axe will act and it is going to be soon. Dollar Bill wants a cosy chit chat with Taylor but Taylor is confused and Dollar leaves vey weirdly. Axe tries to say sorry by sending loads of flowers to Lara a un-necessary but beautiful gesture. Ira gets excited about being worth quarter of a billion on paper, Rhoades senior makes a bold move and doubles his position in Ice Juice in this a wise move???

Ice Juice hits $30, but Wags and Axe figure out Rhodes senior move and go golden frog time.

We learn of Axe’s evil plan all starting six days out and including something quite nasty to Ice Juice. Three nights out Axe gets perfect volunteers for his evil plan with no connection to him. The plan springs into action and the volunteers add toxins to Ice Juice and then drink it making them very very ill. Then they get carried away in ambulances.

The newspapers pick up the story that people are getting sick on Ice Juice. Wendy learns Ice Juice is getting shorted by Axe and comes to warn Chuck. Wendy advises him to get out as Axe Cap is short on the stock. Chuck refuses to get out, Wendy is firm but Chuck is stubborn. “Foolishness is right next door to strength” is her parting shot before leaving. Wendy gets in on the short of Ice Juice for all she can.

Game Over it seems

The news breaks about Ice Juice being infectious. Chuck takes a call from Ira about who is irritate about the falling falling stock price. Chuck realises what is happening following Wendy’s visit.

Taylor meets his last analysist but does not shank anyone yet.

Ice Juice outlets get shut down and the stocks plummets all the way down to $8.50. Axe and Wags are very happy with there efforts when Ice Juice closes at $3.49, this is short lived when they realise Wendy made a killing on the short. Axe is impressed however, that she went against the family. Rhoades senior and Ira are distraught about the outcome as is Chuck. Turns out Ira won’t get Billions after all.

Taylor reviles he did shank someone that day. To say to the rest that they are on the team and won’t need to look over their shoulder. Taylor goes home after his day when Dollar rocks up with a bag full with $250k for his help on Klaxon. I need a guy like Dollar Bill in my life handing out that kind of dough. Taylor needs to take this money and store it away for a rainy day as such.

Chucks vists Ira and Rhoades Senior and they are not happy, Ira then finds out it was Chucks trust fund that the money came from. Before Seniors reveals that the entire trust is gone. But he can still joke about Ice Juice.

The Con is on

Lara and Axe make up and start over with a mock first date which leads to the bedroom, but turns out all is not forgiven after all. Money can’t buy everything.Chuck returns home to his empty room and just cries but wait no he is laughing. Why?

Turns out Chuck was playing a game of his own to set up axe. It was very elobrate and involved many moving parts from Boyd all the way to the investigators. These investigators who under Chucks direction follow every move Axe makes and everyone he comes into contact with catch all his volunteers sabotaging the Ice Juice IPO.

This is set up lovely for the final episode of Billions on Sunday. After this episode it is anyones guess what could happen.

The Boring Stuff

Billions is well into its second series and I think one of the best things on TV right now. Billions can be found on Sky Atlantic with a new episode airing each week.

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