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Line of Duty

Line of Duty – The Series 4 Finale Episode Review The Finale The season finale of Line of Duty starts with Nick being put squarely in the frame as Roz has done a good job framing him. Nick’s lawyer plays […]

Designated Survivor – Lazarus

Designated Survivor – Lazarus Episode Review Opening Scenes This episode of Designated Survivor starts when Jason and Wells are somehow spotted in the woods and make a run for it. They make it back to their car only to find […]

Billions – With or Without You

Billions – With or Without You Episode Review You Lied to Me Axe wakes up the morning after the night before to a love note and not the good kind from Lara. His Billions are not much good to him […]

Line of Duty

Line of Duty Episode Review On the Back Foot Is this the end for AC-12, will there be no more line of duty? Steve is working hard on his recovery and learning to walk again after his accident. There is […]

Top Gear – 23/04/2017

Top Gear – 23/04/2017 Series 24 Episode 7 This was the last episode of the present Top Gear series and I think they dffently left the best to the last!!!! Porsche 718 We start off with a ¬£50k Porsche which […]

Designated Survivor The Ninth Seat

Designated Survivor -The Ninth Seat Episode Review Opening Scenes¬† This episode of designated survivor starts with what looks like a hostage transportation. However, we quickly learn it is a reporter (Abe) on the chase for a story. He is given […]

Get Out Movie Review

Get Out Our Movie Review Have you ever played that game where you, in blissful ignorance, are trying to get through a maze and suddenly something scary pops up on your screen? Or the one where a little kitten is […]

The Founder Movie Review

The Founder Our Movie Review Brand Creator not The Founder Not knowing the McDonalds origins at all I was very surprised by The Founder. The title is a bit misleading as it is more the brand creator than the Founder. […]